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Discover why so many employers choose PLLT Virtual Consultants, LLC to fill their jobs. 

Our Commitment 
We are ready to help you throughout the entire
employment process for both employers and
employees. We are dedicated to providing a
seamless process to help you reach your goals.

Vetted Workers, Ready

PLLT Virtual Consultants, LLC can easily match individuals with lucrative career growth opportunities.

Creating opportunities begins by gaining a complete understanding of what makes each company and candidate unique. This is accomplished by working with and listening to the client team and by conducting thorough interviews and skill evaluations with our candidates. Using this knowledge, PLLT Virtual Consultants LLC is able to provide tailored workforce solutions and qualified talent that are the right fit for each company.

Delivering Leaders that Build Amazing Organizations

Headquartered in Irving, Texas we’re a recruitment agency that specializes in matching exceptional support staff to top businesses and private individuals throughout North America. PLLT Virtual Consultants goal is to help valuable top-notch talent align careers based on their strength and interest!

We are experts at sourcing employees with good work ethics and a strong desire to contribute to organizational objectives. We work strategically with our clients to optimize the hiring process and meet profitability goals. Trust us with your sourcing needs to ensure you have the right resources on your team!

"Our growth over the past two years is measured by perseverance and a passion to keep our best assets employed in North America and globally.

Our focus is always working diligently and swiftly in a challenging economy as talent demands increases and the skills gap continue to be a hurdle."

— Chief Executive Officer (Pontress L. L. Tousant)

Split -Fee Recruiting

PLLT Virtual Consultants, LLC is a innovative firm helping other agencies meet the needs of their clients by offering a dedicated team for Split-Fee Recruiting and extending opportunities to firms who are interested in partnering with us. 

How can we help?

Allow our team the opportunity to help fill job orders without losing your most trusted clients. We partner with many firms to save time and provide employment solutions.  We can help you expand your revenue by allowing clients to focus on productivity, yield above average returns and meet organizational objectives.

With our help, we can help your firm retain clients and still fulfill your end of the contract! Email us at for more information!  

Delivering Professional Services
To Our Clients

PLLT Virtual Consultants can help to build your workforce with the best talent, hand-pick to meet organizational objectives. We specialize in saving your business time and money. We play an important role in meeting the growing demand for highly skilled professionals throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area and the United States.

Considerable time and thought go into every hire made by your company. Whether you’re adding talent to a team or managing a large contingent workforce, making the right hire can improve employee attitudes and productivity along with company performance.


We do more than just fill positions.We bring people together with a purpose.

Contingent-to-Perm Placement

Bring in temporary workers and transition to permanent employees if and when required.

Direct Hire

Use the latest technologies and techniques to source candidates who will make an impact on your company.

Earning Your Confidence

PLLT Virtual Consultants focus is providing quality job placement to fuel your passion. Confidence is knowing your next opportunity is our primary focus by partnering with clients who offer quality placement.